How 3 weeks and a ball of yarn can change your mindset for the better

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Shortly after Thanksgiving 2020, just a few days off quarantine after not one but two positive COVID tests in the house, we’d had it. We had been locked up more or less all year, and by gum, we were going to take socially distanced staycation away from our home come hell or high water (and hell wasn’t far off).

After some deliberation about what was close, safe, and doable, we selected, and later that day landed in a comfy resort-side condo in Park City, Utah, not too far from our winter home. …

The importance of self-care in our relationships with others.

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A great relationship with yourself is critical to be effective at forming long-lasting bonds with other people. I equate it to the oxygen mask on an airplane.

Picture yourself and someone important to you mid-flight, prepped for spring break after that hours-long layover in Minneapolis on your way to Miami, when the plane jolts and suddenly the oxygen masks drop from the ceiling. At this moment, you have a choice to make. Help yourself or help your sleeping compadre.

Your impulse might be, especially if traveling with a young one, to leap into action and preserve their life at the…

How to unlock relationships that matter


Relationships are a big deal. It’s not a coincidence that you can’t throw a rock without hitting an article about how to to make them better. In fact, if you Google the term “relationships” you’ll be met with more than 2.2 billion-with-a-b results in just 0.62 seconds! Can you imagine if Google wasn’t in such a damn hurry all the time and spent a second or two looking? It would be overwhelming.

The point is, relationships are a hot topic, and while there isn’t a shortage of information out there, there is clearly a shortage of people acting on that…

The role of pattern recognition in mental wellbeing

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Have you ever been able to predict something before it happens? For example, you are working remotely from the coffee shop du jour when in comes a group of rowdies. They are laughing and talking and flailing their arms about in an act of “someone pay attention to me please,” when you notice sitting on the counter behind one of these four non-blondes a trenta-sized mega-coffee resting precariously on the ledge. You try to look away but you can’t. In your gut, and your mind’s eye, you’ve already seen in high-definition slow-mo what is yet to come. …

Where to work when the world shuts its doors

Due to the sudden outbreak of the latest coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent closure of many public facilities, remote workers who commonly call the local coffee shop du jour their office away from home have found themselves in a lurch. Most remote workers who choose to work out of home do so for the social interaction, the convenience, and access to amenities, or simply to get out of the house. But now, amidst the public health crisis, many have been forced back to their homes. …

What a fantastic time to be alive! Am I right? Due mostly to advances in communication technologies, availability of high-speed internet access, and a suite of great tools at our disposal, as a workforce, we are now more than ever before able to explore the realities of working remotely. The bad news, though, is that many employers who are flirting with the idea of allowing flexible work situations don’t have the foggiest idea what they are doing or where to start when it comes to making remote work, work. The good news? It’s getting better every day.

On its face…

January 10, 2020

A quick and delicious approach to building quality business relationships

Everywhere you look these days, people are espousing the importance of relationships. Moments later, they begin telling you how to hack, trick, or 10-step your way into one. It’s true, relationships are the key to just about everything one might hope to achieve in life, so it’s a no-brainer that much is written about them. However, despite many articles to the contrary, there are no shortcuts. You can’t fake authenticity and relationships that mean something require it.

Seth Godin, one of the world’s foremost voices in marketing, says, “authenticity, for me, is doing what you promise, not ‘being who you…

January 2, 2020

How to make a successful jump from a traditional working relationship to a flexible and rewarding remote career

You’ve all heard the saying before from the French Scientist Jean-Baptiste Leroy, “but in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Said even more concisely, I believe that there is only one constant, and that is change.

As we all know, change can be a force hard to reckon with. Not usually because its physically hard or strenuous — although I suppose it could be — but because it’s scary. And that fear is often the one thing getting in the way of our achieving our fullest potential. …

January 1, 2020

Instead, focus on building systems that support what you hope to achieve.

So many people kick off the new year looking for a fresh start. Something about the turning of the year suddenly inspires people to want to live their best lives, to transition, and to become better versions of themselves. A newfound interest in hitting the gym to discover the abs you just know are in there. A focused push to get out from under your disorganized life. Working to tame your financial landscape. Learning a new skill, picking up a hobby, or transitioning to a new career. These are just some of the many common resolutions bandied about this time…

Take your spot in anyone’s top-5, by simply flexing your humanity

You’ve heard it a thousand times before, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” This little nugget of wisdom attributed to the late, great Jim Rohn is a simple way of illustrating just how influential the relationships we have in our life can be.

It’s funny sometimes just how nonchalant we can be with the people we share ourselves with. Often, we don’t even recognize the influence had on us by others — for good or for bad — until one day, we’re standing in the mirror wondering what the hell happened.


Ryan Roghaar

CEO at R2. Founder at Teammate Apart. Remote work advocate. Consultant. Writer? TBD.

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